Fitness Fanatics – Hot Holiday Equipment – Our Top Picks!

So you like to work out? Why not put one of these sweaty Hot Holiday items under somebody’s tree this year!

# 1 Lebert HIIT System

No matter what your age or fitness

No matter what your age or fitness level, increasing overall strength is one of the keys to living longer and healthier. The Lebert HIIT System is the ultimate pump machine. (If Arnold had one, he would have been bigger.) This system is direct torque on your muscles. The pump burns SO much and that’s why it made it to our HOT LIST! Whoever gets their hands on one will love it.

# 2 CoreFX Adjustable Dumbbells

This is not your grandmother’s weight set. Darth Vader beware. These futuristic Adjustable Dumbbells will make you addicted to doing more sets than you need to. This dumbbell set is incredible with the mobile stand that you can move around (costs extra). This is a state-of-the-art system that allows you to quickly adjust the weights, which gives you the versatility and speed to help improve your workouts. The weights feel so good in your hands and look cool, it’s like working out in the future. Just about any fitness fanatic will love these!

#3 Lebert Equalizer

This is the classic piece of home fitness equipment. Beware of knock-offs because they fall apart — we’ve tried them. Think you can’t do dips? Well, now you can with the Equalizer. You say that you can’t do a pull up? Well, now you can with the Equalizer. The power of the Equalizer is that it allows you to do what are called “forced reps.” For instance, you can’t do a push up? Well get in the push-up position on the Equalizer. You can move your body to a position where you can do the exercise with the assistance of your legs. You set your own level of difficulty and build from there. We have seen people become their own home gymnasts using the Equalizer. It’s a remarkable tool whether you want to join Cirque Du Soleil or head into a retirement home. Either way, you are covered with this Hall of Fame piece of fitness equipment.


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