I Tested the Lebert Pro-Riser Fitness Equipment Prototype and Was Blown Away!

Pro-Riser Review


I just had a fantastic call with David Fassen, the CEO of Lebert Fitness, and I’m thrilled to share my experience with their cutting-edge prototype fitness equipment, the Pro-Riser.

At HUM@Nmedia, fitness is at the core of our brand, and we’re always eager to put new gear to the test and share insights with our readers. We are also always looking for new equipment and workouts at home for our www.homeworkin.ca platform.

The Pro-Riser may seem deceptively simple, but it’s genuinely revolutionary, and as history has shown, the best inventions often are. Take the ballpoint pen, for instance!

The set they sent me comes in 4 lbs and 8 lbs variations. Initially, I thought 4 lbs might be too light, but it pleasantly surprised me. It feels more like a hefty 10 lbs in certain positions, providing a versatile workout experience.

What sets the Pro-Riser apart are its handles. They’re not just soft and non-slip, but they also boast an ingenious hidden feature. The handles are meticulously bevelled to offer a comfortable grip, reducing strain on your wrists and enabling a range of new exercises.

For instance, I tried wrist curls by holding the Pro-Riser and moving my wrists back and forth. It allowed for a full range of motion, and I could easily adjust the intensity by changing the angle of my hand along the curved handle.

Speaking of versatility, the Pro-Riser opens a world of possibilities. You can use it on stairs for exercises like push-ups, dips, etc. If you’re dealing with limited space and can access stairs, this equipment becomes a game-changer!

After a Pro-Riser workout, it feels like you have large, strong paws (hands) like a tiger that you can lay down anywhere! It’s no wonder the Pro-Riser is a big hit for fitness classes and group workouts.

I’m excited to dive deeper into my workouts with this innovative prototype, but I must admit, my arms are already feeling the burn after just a few sets with the Pro-Riser. It’s safe to say I’m feeling “Giddy”!

If you’re curious to learn more about the launch, check out the Pro-Riser here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/proriser-home-gym-circuit-exercise-trainer/coming_soon/x/35687617


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