You can feel the intensity inside your muscles and your workouts with the HIIT SYSTEM and all of the LEBERT Equipment.

LEBERT’s revolutionary fitness equipment gives you the ability to match your own skill level to your workouts. It doesn’t matter if you are weak or strong, young or old, experienced or beginner, all the LEBERT equipment is versatile and adaptable to you. Most of all, it delivers results!

Minimalist Home Gym Blog

April 8, 2022

Building your own home gym is no longer just a luxury.

Fitness Fundamentals
Healthy Weight Loss Blog

April 6, 2022

One of the biggest mistakes I see as a trainer is that people do not do their strength training from Day #1. That’s a big mistake.

Pro-Riser Review

February 5, 2024

My experience with Lebert’s cutting-edge prototype fitness equipment, the Pro-Riser.




A high-quality functional fitness tool perfect for full-body exercises. Designed with a durable foam grip and constructed of iron the EQualizer supports up to 400 pounds. Try push and pull-ups, knee and leg raises, and over 100 body-weight strength exercises for beginner to advanced.

HIIT System

A first of its kind, this multifunctional training system is perfect for at-home and in-gym use. Incorporate dynamic unilateral, rotational, and bilateral strength-building movements. Whether you’re a beginner or an athlete, the HIIT system makes it simple to transition through hundreds of exercise options.


The quintessential workout accessory for all fitness levels. Including 3 bands for 3 resistance levels to target specific muscle groups and enhance strength. The Lebert Fitness FAT bands are thick, durable and made from natural latex rubber for reliable long-lasting strength.


Beginner – EQualizer Full Body Blast with Jesse
  • Fitness Level: Beginner Workout
  • Total Workout Time: 19:45 minutes
Intermediate – EQualizer Slow & Steady Workout with Don
  • Fitness Level: Intermediate Workout 
  • Total Workout Time: 23:14 minutes
Advanced – EQualizer HIIT Workout with Kelly
  • Fitness Level: Advanced Workout
  • Total Workout Time: 31:35 minutes

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