Simple Ways to Get Started in Calisthenics While Working at a Desk


You don’t have to be an ex-gymnast or personal trainer to get started in calisthenics *queue a sense of relief*. Learn the systems and tools you need to create a fit, mobile body, regardless of your ability to access a gym.

But what if I work at a desk full-time?

My name is Summerfunfitness. I am a self-taught calisthenics athlete with no gymnastics experience. By incorporating movement throughout my day, setting up systems, and having clear goals in mind, I was able to achieve muscle-ups, handstand push-ups, and even the splits, all while working forty hours per week at a desk (for four straight years)…and you can do it too!

Don’t worry; we are going to start small. You won’t be kicking into a handstand just yet.

Creating a more active lifestyle…

can feel like an overwhelming task. But it doesn’t have to be. It all starts with a little bit of intention. Once you’ve decided to lead a more active lifestyle, you then need to outline what that looks like. After reading this blog, you’ll know what changes you can implement TODAY(not tomorrow) to start making a difference.

Over time, these small intentional actions will become your habitual routine, which will grow into a beautiful life of movement. One day you’ll wake up and ask yourself what time you’re going to move your body, not if you’re going to.

Let’s start with a commitment to doing a 7-12 minute workout Mon-Friday.

Are 7-minute workouts really effective?

If you’ve ever looked at a 7-minute workout and thought; “that’s silly, that can’t be effective,” I urge you to reframe your mindset. That 7-minute workout could be the catalyst for adding more movement to your day. I was on a call with the Lebert team when they used the term…

Micro-Dosing Movement…

which is my new favourite phrase as it is something I’ve done for years – but didn’t have a name for. These mini or micro movement breaks are one of the main reasons I’ve been able to reach my current state of fitness.

Here’s how to micro-dose movement to initiate a healthy life.

Set your intentions.

1. Commit to starting your day with just 7 minutes of movement. I like to queue up 2-3 songs on Spotify and then do a mini workout until the songs end. Need help? Check out the video below for some exercise and stretch ideas.

Make movement easily accessible.

2. Keep your EQualizer Bars beside your desk for movement breaks throughout the day. The EQ Bars are excellent as you can incorporate mini workouts without needing to lay on the ground where you may notice the unswept floor (hello distraction).

Prepare ahead of time.

3. Make your lunch the evening before your work day. Doing so allows you enough time to go for a walk on your lunch break. You’ll come back to work feeling refreshed and motivated.

Set yourself up for success.

4. Return your desk to it’s standing position at the end of each day (if you have that option). This simple action will increase your chances of starting your next morning active and alert.

Mini Calisthenics Workout for Office Workers

Do the following exercises and stretches between work projects or anytime you need a brain break (instead of checking the news or Instagram).

After two weeks of completing the daily movement goals outlined above, start scheduling three calisthenics workouts per week. Not sure where to begin? Visit for everything you need to know to start calisthenics or check out our follow-along beginner calisthenics EQ workout here.


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