The Most Versatile Home Gym Equipment

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The TRX was invented by Randy Hetrick, a Navy Seal who was looking for a piece of fitness equipment that you can take anywhere and provide intense workouts. The TRX can be hooked up to just about anything including a doorway, a beam in your house or even a tree branch. The TRX is such an amazing tool that is suitable for all just about all ages and any fitness level because it allows you adjust the level of intensity yourself for almost all of the exercises.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, the TRX can help you move towards your fitness goals in a controlled and stable fashion. It is also amazing for fitness experts because unlike most machines out there, and even barbells, it forces you to use all of your body’s supporting muscles during exercise.

Yoga Mat

Yes, a good old fashioned yoga mat is a must for anyone looking to improve their health, flexibility and overall wellness. You don’t have to perform yoga to take advantage of the benefits of a yoga mat either.  Yoga mats are ideal for doing sit ups on the floor, push-ups, planks and many other exercises. The best thing about a yoga mat too is that you can just roll it up and take it anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you are travelling or heading outdoors, your yoga mat is a key element for your home gym.

Lebert Equalizer

The Lebert Equalizer is a super versatile piece of equipment that you can use for a multitude of different exercises. Like the TRX, the Lebert Equalizer is ideal for beginners and experts alike because you can adjust your intensity to your own level of fitness. The Lebert Equalizer has more than 100 exercises that you can do to help improve your strength and fitness. It was invented by Marc Lebert, one of Canada’s top fitness professionals. Lebert Fitness provides a host of other great products.

Flex Bands

Flex Bands are a super useful tool, both affordable and versatile. Flex Bands are like giant rubber bands that can be used in an infinite number of exercises for just about every body part. They are super affordable and easy to use, providing varied resistance during exercise depending on the band strength and how far stretched. The harder you stretch a Flex Band the more tension it exerts back into your muscles: arms, shoulders, thighs, buttocks, just about any body part. Then you just throw it in your bag or purse when you are done.


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